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Beth McInnes (Z, Zombie, Zombeth, Meth)
United Kindom

I spend most of my time on the internet, drawing, on DA or on YouTube.
I'm hoping to work somewhere in the graphic design industry in the future, possibly even as a character designer for games or something along those lines. I always draw animals and fantasy creatures, can't draw a human to save my life -_- but I do draw a lot of anthro characters too. When I get into drawing a character I tend to obsess over them a little and that leads to periods of time where I spam my page with drawings of that one certain character. Bear with me when that happens, I do eventually get over it ^^;
I use Photoshop CS for drawing and sometimes the ol' traditional pencil and paper. If you have any questions or just wanna say "Hi" feel free to message me, I don't bite! And I'm always up for making new friends here on DA.
Comments and faves are always appreciated. A nice comment on one of my drawings always makes my day!



Pixel Army (WIP)

Mini Jemms by THE-Z0MBIE-CATMini Lucrum by THE-Z0MBIE-CATMini Zombeth by THE-Z0MBIE-CATMini Blitz by THE-Z0MBIE-CATMini Setekh by THE-Z0MBIE-CAT



Anarchy in the UK by THE-Z0MBIE-CAT
The Animators 2014 by THE-Z0MBIE-CAT

The Animators are a collaborative virtual band project between Red-Rat-Writer and I. This project will mainly consist of original music, covers/parodies and animated skits.
The band consists of four main members, Electrik, Rustie, Gary and Westwood and several other side characters including Minx, Jinx, Linx and Bernard.
More Animators artwork can be found here:…
First animation:…

Commission info/To Do list


:iconnorequests: :iconpointcommishesonhold: :icontradesask: :iconcollabsask: :icongiftsfriendsonly:

Point commissions may reopen some time, but I'm more likely to open real money commissions in the future


:bulletgreen: Animation parts/ character sheet for Red-Rat-Writer
:bulletgreen: Zombird Pixel doll for Tiny-Grim
:bulletgreen: Pango Mini pixel for wh1t3-t19Lightning
:bulletyellow: Complete pixel army 

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Lucrum sketches by THE-Z0MBIE-CAT
Lucrum sketches
Felt like drawing Lucrum. So I did. Several times ^^;
These are all pretty random, just an opportunity to practice drawing him. I needed to get a better idea of feline anatomy as I've been drawing a lot more canines lately. It was also weird drawing a slightly stockier character with shorter legs, as I'm used to James who's the complete opposite. 
The falling this is especially random. Like any other cat, Lucrum is incredibly fast, agile and flexible so I just wanted to show that in a funny way XD
Used this for reference:…
Also drew a human version of him again because I need to practice humans more.

I've really come to appreciate this character more since the design and personality overhaul. He's gone from one of my worst OCs to one of my best! I pray to god no one remembers the original Lucrum...*wretches* too cutesy
I've developed him a lot more as a character, I've got a rough idea of most of his life/backstory pre-war, which I seriously need to write down or I'll forget! >.< 

Lucrum and artwork (c) THE-Z0MBIE-CAT 
Wow. Log in this morning to find I appear to be on Facebook hahah! Just kidding, this is pretty neat I guess these statuses might be a little more convenient than journals, but is this random makeover really necessary?
Schadenfreude by THE-Z0MBIE-CAT
Schadenfreude being the German word that roughly translates to taking joy in someone else's pain. Seemed pretty apt for James :XD:

Random doodle that I decided to finish. Took me just over 2 hours.
Derping around with different outfit ideas on James too. I felt like a megalomaniac like James would wear clothing like this because it makes him look more important and regal than he actually is. Greyish black labcoat because he looks better in dark colours but I'll still draw him wearing the white one too. I decided James shouldn't wear official military uniform as he hasn't received military training although, when he turned 18, he was drafted in as a stretcher bearer towards the end of the first world war.

Is it bad that I can't stop drawing this character? ^^;

James and artwork (c) THE-Z0MBIE-CAT
Mostly traditional sketch dump by THE-Z0MBIE-CAT
Mostly traditional sketch dump
Big sketch dump of stuff I've doodled in the last week or so. Most of it's traditional as that's all I've had access to at college.
I added the colour in Photoshop.

FNAF (c) Scott Cawthon
James, Jenna, Lucrum, dragons and artwork (c) THE-Z0MBIE-CAT
Dragons by THE-Z0MBIE-CAT
I think I actually managed to draw half decent looking dragons here ;u;
Havoc's wings might be a tad small though...ssshhhh
Riiiiggghhhhht now to breifly explain these guys. I'm too tired to go into details, plus I'm still working on their exact back stories, I'm kinda using this description as rough note taking XP

Firstly there's Hadrian, he was Lucrum's first dragon. They basically grew up together on a farm in the Scottish highlands, both working as farm hands/helpers. They were best buddies and barely left each other's side. When war broke out Hadrian and Lucrum were drafted into the air force and took naturally to working together in combat. During a routine flight they were ambushed and shot down, Lucrum suffered a few minor injuries, but Hadrian was killed. Deep down Lucrum feels guilty for what happened and generally takes it out on others, hence his general attitude towards Jenna.
Personality wise, Hadrian was a hardy tough guy and die-hard loyal to Lucrum. He was always more upbeat than Lucrum and would always cheer him up when needed.
Man, I feel bad making such an awesome character just to kill him off :XD:

Next there's Spitfire, although I'm debating giving her an actual name now she's more than just a gimmick character.
She was too young to fight, but there was demand for more fighters, so she was forced in too early and given to Lucrum to train as he was trusted to be skilled enough to handle her. Lucrum resents her slightly as he feels like his superiors were trying to replace Hadrian for him. Because of Lucrum's attitude, She became very timid and nervous and really tried hard to impress Lucrum despite her weaker flying skills.

Lastly it's Havoc, he was assigned to Jenna when she snuck into the air force disguised as a man. He's snobby and stuck up but cares about doing his best for Jen. He really dislikes Lucrum because of how he treats the other team members.
I don't have as much to say about this guy as I'm struggling to develop him as a character. I was going to have him killed off towards the end of the war, but now I've decided he gets badly injured instead (like looses a wing or something) and gets honourably discharged. 

Characters and art (c) THE-Z0MBIE-CAT

Awesome peeps


The Broski> :iconinsanemonkey15:


Bench buddy> :iconsnookertj:

Super tight homies>:iconwh1t3-t19lightning::iconred-rat-writer:

DA best friends>:iconwh1t3-t19lightning::iconred-rat-writer::icontiny-grim::icondjgomasar12:

People I know irl> :iconparanoidpika::icontog-wood::iconmarkymoo20::iconcaptainpukes::iconheather2309:

Favourite artists and Inspirations> :iconmushymutt::iconsilverdeni::iconvengefulspirits::iconninjakato::iconculpeo-fox::iconskia::iconj-harper::iconsilvolf::icongriffsnuff:


In Disguise: Commission by Tiny-GrimThe Boss in the Desert-Art Trade with ZombieCat14 by Tiny-Grim When the Earth Stands Still by Red-Rat-Writer Teh Jemms Collecshun by wh1t3-t19Lightning
AT - Sinornithosaurus by DjGomaSar12Hal Drinking Milkshake (Art trade) by Red-Rat-WriterArt Trade: Zombiecat by BattynicoPrize: zombiecat14 by Spork-
Commish 4 Zombeth :3  Electrik by wh1t3-t19Lightning

More awesome art from awesome folk to me, can be found here:…


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